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Alternator Options

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I recently had the alternator rebuilt and within the week it is grinding. It is under warranty so only time loss at this point.

I decided to get a new one this time. The AC Delco is more than $400 (if cheaper somewhere else please advise). A high output alternator is similar or bit more.

Is it worth getting the stock new one or replacement with an aftermarket upgraded alternator?

If worth upgrading, what is the easiest plug and play option?

Thank you!
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It's only worth upgrading if you have high amperage devices added to your vehicle, like a powerful sound system or similar.

I run a Mechman 240A unit. It's not cheap, but they have a good reputation. There are other similar high output brands too.

I would just grab another OE unit from a local auto store for the warranty imo. I would also take the time to improve the charging system with some additional 4ga or larger wires, ADDED to the factory runs.

Alt positive to battery positive
Alt case to battery negative
Battery negative to frame rail on a clean connection
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