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All this talk about HID's..

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...and yet not one person has even mentioned the idea of a HID Projector retrofit!! I've personally witnessed the amazing results of a retrofit into a stock headlight housing and I must say, it's much better. Granted, it costs a bit more, and in most cases you have to send in your headlights for a week or so (too inconvenient for some), but again the results are purely amazing.

Luxurious looks, amazing accuracy and cutoff line, c'mon, you know you want it! Who's gonna do it? Sure as hell not me. I sincerely wish I could, if only I knew I was keeping the truck after the lease, but unfortunately I keep being enticed by these last-minute 06 GTO grab up deals, or the potent G8. But let's not start a debate on our next cars.

Anyone considering having a retrofit done?
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YESS!! I'm glad someone actually is! That's awesome. Can you shed any details??
It's really not worth it. The plug and play hid's give PLENTY of light output. Who cares about import projector lights......I didn't buy a ricer.
What's ricey about installing brand name projectors in your headlights? It's not like you threw a bunch of stickers all over the headlight. Not to mention the fact it's more accurate for light output and less glare to oncoming traffic, I don't see where the "rice factor" comes into play at all. Plug and play's could be considered more rice than anything, especially the blue and purple ones!
That would be kinda cool! I like those actually. There are a couple HID sites that will do the retrofit for you for a pretty decent deal. Sometimes they cost only $100/200 more than a plug & play kit, and it's alot better.
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