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All gears act like neutral

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I'm getting on the interstate in 2nd gear and I get on it just a little bit and then it starts to rev up so I let off and put it a 3rd and I started driving and it was fine, I was out with friends and didn't mess around the rest of the night and then picked up someone else told him it happened put it in 2nd did a couple 20-40 pulls to show him what I did and on the 3rd pull, all gears went into neutral including reverse tranny fluid is very light redish brown but no leaks anywhere. I can't tell if it's low or not what would be the problem? It also does not go into gear. It has around 4-5k miles on it rebuilt with hd2 trango kit shift kit
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I'm going with a fractured pump stator. I blew mine out on my 4.2 truck.... same exact symptoms with the same mods. No leaks, no funny noises, etc... just didn't move at all.

Oh, you can check for a stripped int shaft by having up both ends and seeing if wheels turn in drive. With no load on front or back, they will spin. If they do, then shaft is probably bad
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