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This section is going to be one of the best information resources for us TBSS owners. The whole main idea to it is for users to come in and post requests for different things such as wiring schematics, DTC explanations, flow charts,Plug pin outs, just about anything you could ever want to know. The best part of it all is that it will be the same charts and information that the GM mechanics use. I have been talking with Tony for the past couple of days and e-mailing him some stuff to put up mainly the things that i think would be most requested. So its just a mater of time before we get this section up and running. But Like i said before if you have a something you are looking for post it up so we can get it for ya.
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Hi, Does Anybody Know The Best Way To Launch A 2wd Ss. Should I Take Traction Control And Stab. Off Thanks
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