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I just want to thank everyone who made my maggie install a sucess. Even with the best planning it sometimes takes some friends and some favors to make a project sucessful.

Joe (Leftcoast32) - Just plain awesome pre-sale and post sale/install support. I have bought a lot of performance oriented stuff over the years and his support leap and bounds better than anything I have EVER experienced.

Alvin (PCM4Less) - Great efan kit, helped me get my tune setup and ready to go, in general a great guy and is always willing to help

Justin (Magna Charger) - Rushed my kit out to make my install date. Overnight shipped misc. parts, worked extremly well with Joe to get me everything I needed.

Ben (Parts4Chevys) - Shipped me out a second set of fans when the first set was delayed. Overnighted the fans fans to make my install date. Thanks for the help.
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