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99 Procharged Corvette, black on black. 600+whp

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I am looking to sell this car because I rarely drive it.

Car has all the options except for HUD and active suspension.

99 Coupe with removable tinted glass top.
52k miles
Black Leather
Dual Power Seat
Bose Audio
Procharger P1SC Stage II Supercharger Kit
ECS Methanol Injection
Lingenfelter 4" MAF
60lb Fuel Injectors
Lingenfelter Fuel Pump
AEM Wideband Guage
Autometer Cobalt Fuel Pressure and Boost Guage
Diablosport Predator Tuner (has a 91 octane and 110 octane tunes loaded in it)
Reichard Racing Ultra-grip Pully on Procharger
Pinned Crankshaft Pully
160 degree Thermostat
Z06 Titanium Catback exhaust
RPM Level 4 Built Automatic Transmission
Mike mercury stall
3.15 Rear Differential (Stronger 3-rib)
C6 Z06 Shocks all around
C6 Z51 Sway bars and Metal swaybar end-links
Manley Valve Springs
ECS Blower Camshaft
Stainless steel grilles in side and rear brake ducts
19" MRR GT1 Wheels
Lowered about 1.5" all around
Tinted Taillights, reverse lights, and marker lights
2 10" Elemental designs subs installed in rear cargo floor (under stock truck cover, cant see at all)

I am more than likely not including the amp for the subs, but will leave all the wiring intact.

Car was recently tuned by
580whp on 91 octane, I lost the dyno sheets and dont remember what it did on 110 octane. Was 600 something, very conservative safe tunes.

The car still has the factory headers and cats on it, could gain 20-50whp off upgrading those as well. Tune is already setup for no cats so you wont get a check engine light.

I know there is alot Im forgetting to list, the car is located in Williston, ND and I have the title in hand.

Now the bad about the car, the drivers door could use repainting. It has a key mark on it, not too bad and can supply pics upon request.
The other bad thing is the car started its life as a lease in Minnesota. It was in a very very minor accident and in Minnesota any accident on a lease vehicle gets tagged a salvage title. The front driver side fender and driver side door was replaced, I have paperwork for all of this. I assure you the car is not junk.

There is a bad abs sensor in the rear, this doesnt cause any issue other than keeping the traction control from working. I chose not to fix it because it saves me from having to turn off the traction control everytime I get in the car. You do not want to use traction control with this much power, it will kill the transmission.

I am asking $23500 factoring in the salvage title and the $15k invested into the performance modifications.

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Nice whip! GLWS.

What's up with that sweet Chevy pickup in the background?
Its a nice pickup, that was taken at a car show. I dont remember the guys name.

Someone buy, I have my eye on a paxtoned viper.
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