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Hello all, I have been searching for days, and still lost. I have a 4L80E going behind a 2006 trailblazer SS 6.0L with the E40 ECM and Stock TCM programmed for the 4L70E. It's not in the Trailblazer, it's in a 2003 Silverado.

It has a custom harness, already wired for the 4L80E with just the TCC wire goes to pin S on the trans, but again, the TCM is still from the 2006 trailblazer.

My question is, is that it as far as the wiring? No relays or resistors needed beyond that?

Then with the programming, can anyone spell out yet what exactly needs to be done with HP Tuners? Change gear ratios, turn off certain codes and that's it?

I have found lots of talk about adapter harnesses and such, but nothing that says if you don't use the adapter harness, and just move the TCC wire, are relays or anything else still needed? And no one that actually spells out what all they changed in HPT to make it work afterwards.
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