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New to TBSS, but not fixing vehicles.

I recently picked up a 08 aero with 120K miles. Great shape, prior owner stated never towed with, I see no evidence to doubt him.

The trans shifts perfect, I have added a 32K cooler in series after the rad cooler. Dex 6 change coming in a few days.

I will be pulling 3000lbs with it on trips of 200miles several times a year.

so .. my question. I have done much research on what can be done to ensure durability and looking for direct experience. My understanding is that the best bang for the buck involves changing pump parts - that without improving the pump, actual effectiveness of other changes (shift kit ect) are significantly reduced - correct statement?

In my case, with the trans working fine, I'm not compelled to drop it for pump work. I know the servos can be done (did on my astro) - will this aid durability? Since I have the pan dropped for a filter change, is it worth swapping out the plastic accumulator pistons? - are they plastic in a 2008?

I have HPTuners, have seen some comments on tune modifications - are these still suggested for a 2008?

I'm not a 1320 guy, it will not be driven hard even when towing, looking to make it last.

Thank you in advance

FWIW, I did look at all 13 pages od the sticky which needs to be cleaned up as it's 11 pages of 3 vs d and I looked at 10 pages of posts in this section without gleaming answers to my questions.

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Dont worry about the pump, they are fine.

Yes adjust tune settings and do servos. Best bet is Sonnax stage 2 kit.
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I have the Sonnax stage 2 kit in my truck and it held up well enough to crack the flexplate lol
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