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4L60,65,70 Trans Brake

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I thought I'd bring this over to this forum for some discussion.

and in action

edit: Norcal---You should enable html so we can embed youtube video in the post
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We left like at 5k never put the truck on the dyno so not sure on power but was putting down 1.5s 60ft...... that night we did like 4 passes all on the tb trannyheld up vvery well, tranny had all billet internals changed the planetary, tranny had all the goodies. I would drive the truck to the track and back, around town and all drove the same. We would activate the tb with a switch, we beat it pretty hard for about a month every Wednesday here at the track. We removed that tranny about 2 years ago and was sold, if I am not mistaken it is still holding up in the truck that has it now
Since it only traps 108 I would imagine it was in the 350rwhp range. smmfh over locking the converter in 2nd....
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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