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3RD row seats.

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I already have the rear seats that recline and thinking about getting the 3rd row seating in the rear since we are driving my nephew/niece around more and with my son would be perfect in the seat way in rear.

Has anyone used these seats yet?
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I believe JCatt has it or something similar..
man if the thing weighs 100 pounds or close would be perfect. Would bring the back of my truck down a little which i want anyway.
I thought the 3rd seat only worked in the Extended versions of the TB?
Way cool, I have wanted to ask about this too but thought I would get some some mixed responses..
Deff not made for 6' guys... lol

Looks like it could benefit some people though with kids!
Thats awesome! I like how it bolts right into the stock bolt holes.
and you can still but nos tanks in there with the kids. haha jk
I jumped on trailvoy(flame suit) and there was a member on there that installed them. Looked very high quality. I am extremely interested in these. My wife is hell bent on a new tahoe for the third row seating. I want to get another SS. maybe this could work out. This would be awesome if you could quick disconnect or something! Get it and do a write up! I will get one for sure if it gets the Tony stamp of approval! These could possibly save alot of members from trading in for a growing family.... Great find Tony. Keep us updated!
I have the one with retracting belts . Had it for 2 years now. They did a good job matching interior.I put spacers to raise it a couple inches for my speaker underneath to clear. There's no way an adult can fit back there though.I have 5 kids and this was a must have.


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well that must be a fun seat to sit in with the stereo turned up!

Well thats cool at one a must but now not so much
Just buy a Suburban..
Thats what I did anyway..
The TBSS is tight with 1 or 2 kids and 2 adults never mind more than that.
I love my TBSS but we never go any where in it cause it is just too small. Always use the Z71 Suburban.
It has 2 rows of captains chairs so you can just walk back to the third row. I a 5'10" and I fit fine back there.
Get a full size if you want a third row.
I had one of those for a while it was nice and good quality, sold it to a member on here. Didn't use it very much but it was nice to have back when my wife had an Uplander that I hated driving.
Im going to prob order the seat. No use spending 55k on a new suburban.
I already have the rear seats that recline
Sounds cool. Who makes these?... or did you just swap from another GM vehicle?
Looks like a great, *REMOVABLE* solution. At the most this would cost $1000. I'd say it's well worth it.
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