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RWD 06 LTSS, after eating MANY "LVL VII" transmissions I have decided it was time to take the plunge.

Using the guide from the sloppy wiki, re-pinned at the TCM and the transmission plug. Getting codes: U0100 and U0101. Gear indicator stuck in first, in VCM scanner; PRNDL goes through all gears, and it will not start in gear. Runs and drives through all of the gears, and it appears that all transmission data is being returned to the VCM scanner.

[FIXED] USE 07 2500 SUBURBAN OS 24235341 for TBSS Swap. TCC is applying at the same time 3rd gear is commanded, and is remaining in lockup into OD. Even when I max the parameters to block the TCC from applying, it still immediately locks up when the shift happens.

Now it is still stuck indicating 1st on the dash and there is no WOT downshift or TCC unlock.

Also I have a DTR Fab Crossmember (local to me) and it seems it sits much lower than the factory crossmember. I had to shim it to keep the exhaust from hitting. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Any suggestions would be great. Happy 'murica day.
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