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The engine is for all intents and purposes, SOLD, I'm just waiting on an e-check to clear.

That transmission & converter is SOLD.

The harness & ECM is for all intents and purposes, SOLD, I have a promise of PayPal coming for this.

This combo out of a 2005 Silverado HD with 87,xxx miles. The motor and trans are in excellent mechanical condition.

Specs are as follows:

- 2005 6.0l LQ4 Engine
- Engine Cover
- Alternator
- Water Pump
- Power Steering Pump
- AC Condensor
- Intake Manifold
- Injectors
- Coil Packs
- MAP Sensor
- DBW Throttle Body
- Throttle Body Spacer
- Spark Plugs
- JBA Spark Plug Wires
- Complete Uncut Wiring Harness.
- Fuse Panel
- 4l80e Transmission
- Transmission Lines

- Please note, it does NOT come with the shorty headers that are shown. You will need to obtain manifolds or headers.

This is about as much of a complete setup as you can get. It's killing me to part with all of this. I was going to put it in a 1948 Jeep Willys pickup, but other responsibilities necessitate I get out from under the project.

All items can be picked up (or possibly delivered) in the Dallas area. If you have any questions, please let me know.


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damn...that's the exact setup i'm looking for for my silverado project. how much did you get out of everything if you don't mind my asking. they're proud of those 6.0 around here
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