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So I have an '08 1SS 2WD that I bought with a bent frame and bad engine and I got an '07 AWD 3SS with no title for a good deal. So I did what anyone else would do and put the '08 body on the '07 chassis because they're both supposed to have the same 58x engine, etc.

After putting the '08 body on the '07 chassis, I got to plugging in the 2 main harnesses in the engine bay for the engine and chassis and the harness connectors are different. I looked at the cam sensor on the '07 chassis/engine and it was black while my '08 sensor is grey.

Somehow an overstock 24x engine ended up in this 2007 model year truck (it was built 08/06). My plan is I'm trying to make this thing think, run, and operate like the 2007 truck just with my '08 body on it.

I've read the threads about guys upgrading to the 3SS steering wheel, a couple auto climate control conversions, etc with the main problem being its not cost effective to get all parts needed and go through the wiring. Since I have a complete donor truck that shouldn't really be a problem correct?
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