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'06 & '07 TCM the same?

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Help please, on phone, can't search.

Thanks a ton.
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Yes. T42 for all years. Flash it with an 07 tune though
I'm thinking not the ECM ... Not saying you can't use a 07 on an 06:

----2006 2007 2008
ECM E40 --E67 --E67
Okay, thanks. It's an 07 to be put in an 06. So u think it will work?
The TCM is a T42 in all years but the ECM changes. The TCM OS changes but you can install it and reflash it with the proper program for your 06.
Truk is having problems and we want to rule the TCM out. Don't want to have to go through flashing it. But if it comes to it, then we will. Thanks.
Yep, same T42 for all years but E40 for 06 and E67 for everything else. You can flash an 08 TCM with an 06 TCM OS just fine, but DONT try that with the ECM (good news is neither HPT or EFILive will let you flash a controller with a file for a different controller).
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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