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  1. 22x9 wheels in comp gray

    General TBSS Questions
    Does anybody have some comp gray 22x9 replica wheels for sale or does anybody know where I can find some? Need new tires and want to go with 22’s instead. I’ve been searching everywhere and I’m coming up empty. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Any help out there On Spacers?

    Store: Wheels
    Tbss Progress update. Okay, so everything is moving along very quickly and I’d say I’m about at the halfway mark as far as everything that I plan on doing. I’ve sent my factory 20s to get powder coated gloss black. They will also clean up any scratches pre existing. ***QUESTION ON SPACERS...
  3. Hub Replacement?

    I have a 07TBSS 2WD with 180K. I am getting a buzz in the steering wheel and think it is in need of a hub replacement based on this site. ** Is that only the bearings? ** Is it difficult? ** Should I do both sides? The truck is stock except I replaced the airbags with springs. Thanks