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  1. Store: Rotors/Brakes
    Has anybody ordered the tbss brake package from the tbssowners store? Ordered about a week ago and my order still says pending , don't know if I'm just impatient or not.
  2. TBSS Parts
    Whats up fellow tbss owners. Im looking for a low mileage LS2 motor Mainly need the short block due to a knock in my old one. Cash ready mainly looking in NORTHERN CALIFORNIA but will pay for shipping within the state.
  3. E-Fans/Thermostat
    So My efans stopped working again, last time it was the relays, ihave the 2kit relat with spal fans & i had them hooked to a switch to turn off/on efans manualy, because my efans stopped working all of a sudden & i had it tuned to turn on efans but since that stopped working i bought a switch...
  4. FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
    So my tbss engine started making a really loud noise i got it checked & i need to have the engine replaced & the dealership was gonna charge me 8k, whre can i Find a cheap ls2 so i can put it in myself
1-4 of 4 Results