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  1. General TBSS Questions
    Hello All, I’ve recently had issues with my stock 2007 AWD TBSS not firing right up. A mechanic recommended I try cycling the key a few times before attempting to start after sitting awhile, which works. He just checked the fuel pressure and it’s at 60psi at idle, but drops quickly once...
  2. General TBSS Questions
    After a week on jack stands, I got my Kooks LTs and the Kevin Hanson Baffle in my pan on my AWD TBSS (not a fun time). Anyways, threw in 6.5 qts of 5w30 Royal Purple. Put new gasket on. Did not replace dipstick tube o-ring. I threw a K&N oil filter in there as well, found the PN from a post on...
1-2 of 2 Results