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  1. Trailblazer SS Engine Related Questions/Info
    Soooo I finally pulled the motor out of my 07 ss after a blow up (cause of death was the the oil pan of death) but everything with the heads are good surprisingly and my cam. So I need to find a new 6.0 block and the plan is to build a 402 stroker and since my heads are still good. But I can not...
  2. FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
    I'm pulling out my original LS2 with a Gen 3 5.3 until I can get my 6.0 back running and I'm trying to see what all I have to move and what will and wont work. I know a gen 4 will button right up but the 3 is what I have readily available. Can I get any help?
1-2 of 2 Results