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  1. AWD Front Diff/Axle/Transfer Case
    Hey not sure if this is in the right listing location but im wondering if anyone would swap their awd setup (trans,transfer case, front diff, axles) for my stage 2 built 2wd 4l70 trans with 2800 circle d converter, front axle plugs for wheel bearings and whatever else is needed for 2wd. Know it...
  2. 4L80E/4L85E
    I've been looking thru the forums but haven't been able to find a clear cut answer. I'm swapping my 70 to a 80 and I've gotten a new flexplate, PCM swap harness and PCM trans bracket and all the other little things needed but the driveshaft. Drive shack is backed up for a 2 months. I recently...
  3. 4L70E Transmission Help
    I've finally purchased a trans cooler but need some inspiration on where to install it. I've posted in a couple of other forums but haven't seen anything I like yet. Any pics or install videos would be helpful! I've thought about upgrading to the braided lines but haven't pulled the trigger yet...
1-3 of 3 Results