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  1. General TBSS Questions
    Anyone know a good place to sell a 07 blue TBSS? Dealership practically offered me pennies for it.
  2. FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
    Hi everyone I'm kinda new to alot of this but I've got an 07 TB that I done the DOD delete on but I also had to change my crank to a 24 tooth reluctor so here's what I got 5.3 built with plenty of power 03 crank ,wire harness,TCM,bcm,pcm fuse box. Engine block is 07 aluminum block heads are...
  3. Bolt Ons
    First time Poster, Long Time Follower! over the years I’ve bounced back and fourth on this site along with others just like it trying to understand the tbss knowledge Of others before me to save time and avoid costly mistakes on my own ride. In 2009 I picked up a 2007 2wd TBSS. Only 13k miles...
1-3 of 3 Results