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Jim Holley
Trailblazer SS
Was a one owner car when I bought her, much documentation and comes with 5 yr, 50k warranty on ALMOST everything. (of course unless one of those items is altered in any way), So it pays to have a shop owner buddy of about 30 years. I loved them when they were new, but a bit pricey for me, then I got into W body S/C'd stuff. I thought it was cool that I was able to mod my 2000 Regal GSE with it's 3.8 V6 and the factory S/C to be quicker than one of these SS when they were stock.
I met many that weren't though, but still they kindly complimented me for keeping up in my "Grandpa lookin grocery gitter" especially knowing it's just a V6.
So as time went on, recently one caught my eye, and I started looking and I was AMAZED at some of the prices, even the stockers in the asking areas of 10k and up.
I could buy a built one, but no matter who builds it, it is NEVER like building your own. I was also surprised that it wasn't easy finding even higher mileage good condition and unmolested versions at a reasonable price. So I looked for over 3 months and found this one that seemed perfect.
And then the Holley stuff started and I'll do some updates along the way. To mod or not to mod, it's a question of how far and how much, BIG HP = BIG $$
So this thing is high mileage, but the warranty makes me feel at ease, I'm sure a motor and tranny will be due soon, thus the Mod or Not attitude.
She could use one more gear w/ the 4:10 diffs, I'm sure I won't add any forced induction until the motor gets done, but it will be fun w/ a few other bolt ons and my tune, I think I have it 80% dialed in. I'm not sure of the true accuracy of the sensors that display HP and LBS - TQ, but she shows impressive numbers as is bone stock other than a high flow filter.
As she is, I have just done LED's and subtle stuff, the res is "de packed" but still there, soon to change just the muffler for now, but we'll see how things progress, I'm still looking for another DD so the SS can stay in the garage when it's nasty. Nice to have AWD, even w/crappy "some weather" tires, but I won't intentionally drive it in the stuff if I can help it. I'm piecing together a set of duals, pipes from one and Res's from another, so mufllers/res's will be at the back bumper with the tips.
I haven't decided if I'll finish the rear with bog round single tips or pairs on each side, but we'll get there.
So here she is when I bought er, I'll update some pics as I get to it (weather is being, well Indiana weather....)




Stock ATM - ECM and TCM tuned, modified air box.
LED's for now, oh and my iBuddy dog cover
AEM guage soon to be placed in the SS dash cover, Detector on the way
SS painted red and rear gate debadged, blacked out a couple things incl headlamps, LED's that's all for now
Ha! Coming soon, but as I'm tuning, I love hear THAT sound.
Headlamps blacked and LED's
Somewhat de res, a flowmaster coming soon.
for now just lowering rear to sit level in a static position.
Wheel and Tire
OEM in this set, another set in the works


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