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  • 07AZTBSS ·
    Joe, having issues with the 4l80 conversion (not sure if trans or TCM related) and ended up taking to AZ Speed Sports. Can I give them your number for questions they have about the TCM and wiring adapter?
    Left Coast '32 ·
    The bend in the one tube is to clear the spindle area of the steering rack. Give me a call and I will walk you through the install real easy.
    jakool ·
    just a question as im going to be installing your conversion kit for the c6 pan tomorrow and was wondering if you had any pics of the ac bracket install and also if this bend in one of the braces is supposed to be there

    BICSS ·
    Hey Joe, installing a few things today, quick question, on the HD tensioner, where does the spacer plate go and is it required for a 6 rib set up? I'll also be doing the cross members and maybe the oil pan if I get a chance, but it is hot as hell here in Florida. Hoipe your doing well.

    Thanks, Erik
    dfwwiz ·
    Hey Joe, we are looking for a person who would donate their TBSS for a week to get some headers fitted by Mac Performance in Temecula. I was told by Steve that you are close and might be interested. By the way you would get to have them free for doing it. I would do it but TX is a bit far. If interested I can give you contact info. If not is there anyone else close by?
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