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  1. Would you report a suspected DUI?
  2. Mn highway patrol
  3. Prayers
  4. After all this time...
  5. Ticket Thoughts/Advice (Ohio)
  6. Silveraydo Guy "F%!* the Po-lice"
  7. lines painted on the road by cops in Pa
  8. RIP Harris County Sheriff Office Deputy
  10. Police don't need all that equipment??
  11. Omaha officer killed
  12. Public safety are some great folks
  13. Effin cops
  14. Video of Farva
  15. Is this good or bad?
  16. 2 more officers shot in NY
  17. Cop shop!
  18. Vandals hit Fire department :(
  19. Officer sits with lost dogs
  20. NYPD officers ambushed.
  21. We don't just give tickets
  22. OH YEAH
  23. Local Brother Down - Final Call....RIP
  24. Cop killer to give commencement speech
  25. Why Police should wear body cameras..
  26. Back on the news again!
  27. careless ticket question
  28. Arrested for breastfeeding. Infant killed.
  29. Tinted tail lights ok???
  30. Unedited video news 12 Jersey City LEO LOD Death interview with killer's wife
  31. Modified exhaust ticket question?
  32. Shooting dogs...
  33. To those that have served and are serving!
  34. Supreme Ct limit cellphone searches after arrest!
  35. How not to zero your weapon ..
  36. Quick Question for our LEO...
  37. Phone Number??
  38. One of Ours Caught by Local News
  39. You be the judge.
  40. Whose more drunk?
  41. Curious situation, just wondering
  42. Please stay safe guys, bitches be crazy!
  43. Dont have sex in the pool!
  44. Russian Alpha Team Counter Terror drills not for faint of heart!
  45. Strobe help
  46. More food for thought- 70 y/o shot reaching for cane:(
  47. Do I have a case? (Started with not-guilty)
  48. Handgun law interpretation - need LEO help
  49. Good Idea or Bad Idea?
  50. Women calls 911 for sex from cop :(
  51. Food for thought? Drunk FF shot by Officer
  52. Enjoy
  53. Flakey sellers piss me off!
  54. CHP arrests firefighter.
  55. Warning others of Speed Trap is Protected Free Speech?
  56. Good Stop!!!!
  57. This blows
  58. Was stopped today
  59. TTPOA conference in Houston
  60. Officer Down (BART PD) SF Bay Area
  61. Unity Tour Donations
  62. Police Unity Tour
  63. Corvette chase LA - Officers drop driver?
  64. Pulled Over A TBSS
  65. Seriously, WTF?
  66. How do you fix this mess?
  67. Pushed to the breaking point!
  68. Live chase
  69. GSX-R @ 190mph
  70. laser/light combo
  71. Chief Mark Kessler....funny
  72. NC Accident Question.
  73. Cops amaze me
  74. if only...
  75. Mich State Trooper killed
  76. Keep right except to pass
  77. Things in my life keep making theCHIVE ;) (theBRIGADE content)
  78. A stock TBSS goes 132 mph. I know because I wrote the ticket
  79. NJSP vs County Police Video**
  80. Construction Zones
  81. Opinion time! When should a person expect a ticket for a traffic infraction?
  82. Good video- leave the police alone
  83. One cool traffic cop
  84. The best of CHP police vehicles
  85. City Police dumping all Sedans for Tahoes FTW
  86. The new hotness
  87. Cool Maryland Trooper
  88. Swedish Cops!
  89. Unreasonable speed
  90. Killeen Police Officer killed by gunfire another wounded
  92. Is this worth filing a complaint over?
  93. Should I fight it?
  94. Illinois Cop??
  95. Question for the Po Po :0)
  96. Accidently served a minor in north east maryland, have ????'s
  97. 2013 Chevy Caprice PPV for city of Montebello
  98. Two dumbest cops ever!
  99. Retired fleet vehicle connections?
  100. Police Involved Shooting
  101. Guy arrested for drinking Arizona Tea?
  102. Virginia LEO's advice please
  103. Ten eighty I see your dodge and raise you 1 lambo
  104. Polygraph....
  105. Illinois State Trooper
  106. Interesting UC
  107. Texas DPS has all the fun...
  108. What?!?! What would the LEO's on this site do?
  109. NC Trooper shot multiple times on traffic stop
  110. Mustang Stolen out of police impound
  111. Stolen Black SS in SoCal
  112. Need some opinions on removing tattoo for becoming a LEO
  113. who/what pulled me over
  114. Police Brutality
  115. Currently unfolding in Detroit
  116. A good story
  117. While in Colorado found this 1996 Caprice still in service
  118. Thoughts on this?
  119. Police Officers kicked out of dennys for being armed.
  120. Impossible Fix-it Ticket?
  121. Active shooters in schools: The enemy is denial
  122. Any other current/former wildland FF's?
  123. Weapons in vehicle w/o a carry permit
  124. Guy almost gets away from a DUI...
  125. stolen TBSS in fort worth
  126. Ccw permits
  127. Got my first speeding ticket tonight!
  128. Lost one of ours
  129. Aussies unveil their most powerful police car ever
  130. Got me a Dodge
  131. South Carolina DPS
  132. Hostage standoff handled like a BOSS!
  133. Border Wars / Helicopter opens fire during pursuit
  134. Cop tires to eat people?
  135. 2nd Nassau County Officer killed in the line of duty this week
  136. excuse me trooper.
  137. Oktoberfest justice
  138. 5.0 tbss?
  139. Sad story, cop shoots own son.
  140. End of Watch
  141. Our country is screwed
  142. Whats the point in lying during a traffic stop
  143. Boy do I have a story for you guys...
  144. RIP Deputy
  145. Officer shot in the head..
  146. Dodge Chargers are in it's no Caprice but it's fast!
  147. Just lost a local...
  148. CHP officer pronounced dead
  149. 2 WVSP Troopers Killed
  150. Who wants to buy a 5.7 Caprice Police car?
  151. tint ticket question (not a rant)
  152. Sad day guys!
  153. wtf is wrong with people
  154. College Station shooting
  155. GM recalls over 38,000 police Impalas in North America..
  156. Vehicle pursuit with a great ending!
  157. Question for the LEOS about tint
  158. Jonesboro, Ark. Incident
  159. friend got hit hard
  160. Watauga Co. Deputy killed
  161. Buddy found his stolen items on craigslist, proper procedure?
  162. Waxahachie PD officer killed by DWI driver
  163. IL Eviction Question
  164. Hometown shooting
  165. Deputy shoots and kill man after knocking on the wrong door
  166. Thank you officer.
  167. Rhode Island Officer on video
  168. Question for cops, my friend got a few tickets the other night
  169. NJ Leos--Accident question
  170. Can you be arrested for punching someone?
  171. Another First ticket thread...
  172. Be happy you're alive
  173. This is why a no pursuit policy is a bad thing.
  174. **Tinted Tail Lamps are against the law in Texas... May 9, 2012**
  175. Leo's, Stay safe out there.
  176. IN: New law allows citizens to protect themselves from unlawful entry,even from LEOs.
  177. Obscure unmarked Cop car's
  178. Got my first ticket in the TBSS
  179. What's the deal with HID's
  180. Big thanks to the cop that let me slide yesterday
  181. Question for you officers
  182. For Floridians....
  183. Swerving in Lane on a Motorcycle... Legal?
  184. NJ State Police Accepting Applications
  185. Cop tells the judge off, rightfully so.
  186. Who get's a tint warning at night time..?
  187. Wrong Vehicle Listed On My Ticket
  188. Hollywood vs Reality : use of force
  189. and again
  190. Caprice PPV is in!
  191. Question for any officer/troopers out there
  192. Is anyone a CBPO/Border Patrol Officer?
  193. Wow, some of these guys go way to far!
  194. An Officer's Life
  195. Trooper Killed El Paso TX
  196. What Happens When Arrest Procedure Is Not Followed?
  197. not ok to talk about performance?
  198. 2K12 Burnout arrest
  199. Our County
  200. how in the hell ?
  201. Honest Question
  202. Tint laws for North Dakota?
  203. What's your craziest call?
  204. Any LEO know this guy?
  205. Got sued today...
  206. New ride...
  207. Enough with the "I got a ticket" rants in copSShop already!
  208. 1st Ticket in a loooong time
  209. Points...
  210. Help me understand...
  211. VA Ticket
  212. Lil ol lady
  213. Anyone's department hiring officers/C.O.?
  214. LEO preference? Pulled over on the freeway.
  215. Mobile AL Officer Stabbed
  216. Another NYPD Officer shot.
  217. Isptpr i see you!
  218. Checking in
  219. RIP Macomb County Dep
  220. FYI!!! A mcalester Oklahoma police officer past away, prayers go out to his family.
  221. one of the deadliest years 2011
  222. NYPD KAHR K9 Owners
  223. For all the LEO's out there, thank you and be safe. Happy New Year
  224. This is just getting out of control... fellow officer killed in Aiken, SC
  225. Thanks for being there
  226. The Truth
  227. What is your EDC knife?
  228. Nypd stop and frisk daily news article.
  229. Another Officer down...
  230. Stupid or Drunk?
  231. NYPD Officer killed.. RIP
  232. Assault boat? Yes, we have that.
  233. Virginia Tech shooting
  234. white led deck bar for POV
  235. how long do speed warnings last?
  236. R.I.P. Newark Detective Michael Morgan
  237. No one is above the law!
  238. Opinions on seat organizer?
  239. It's been slow in here
  240. How much do you typically drive over posted?
  241. LEO's I'm looking for opinions
  242. Opinoins
  243. Nypd has their hands full.
  244. The cop you never think you know.
  245. Who has been to FLETC in Glynco?
  246. Been verified.com ??anyone??
  247. Got a written warning yesteraday.....
  248. Texas speed limit changes / LIDAR jammers illegal
  249. Orange Strobe Lights
  250. 9/11/11 First responders not invited to ceremony in NY