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Default How to Install Scott's Adjustable Linkage Rods for Air Ride (w/pics)

Scott's adjustable linkage rods will replace the stock blue rod for our rear suspension. The adjustable rods will give you the ability to adjust the rear in minute increments. These rods will also leave the two screws in for the adjustable cam.

Final Results:
Driver Rear 33-5/16" 31-1/16" - 2-1/4
Pass Rear 32-15/16" 30-3/4" - 2-3/16

Stock = stock settings
After = Adjustable rods installed + adjustable cams turned to maxed position with both bolts installed.

The rake is gone but the bouncy rear end is there. I adjusted the passenger side rear to even out at 31". These rods do what Scott intended them to do. Adjust the rear in smaller increments simply by turning the rod and/or ends while keeping the two cam bolts tight.

Definitely a economical method to lowering our rides. The next step up would be an wireless air ride control or springs/shocks/cut bump stops. I am saving up my lunch money to pay for springs but all in good time.

Where to buy:

Scott aka CSC06SS adjustable link rods can be ordered by posting to:

Adjustable linkage rods for air ride are ready!

He is currently selling them for $25 a set. If you want a set just send the $$$ to Scott's paypal account at:

Now for the how to instructions with pictures...

Tools Required:
  • WD40 or Dish Water Soap
  • 2 small screw drivers
  • Locking pliers

Pre-step (not necessary):
Measure rear height with measuring tape by using the middle of the wheel rim as your guide. Compare this to your final numbers.

Step 1:Remove Rear tires
I found it easier to remove the rear tires but if you can fit under and do it upside down, all power to you. I just like it closer to me.

Step2: WD40 the rod ends

Step 3: Remove rubber rod ends for top and bottom
**HINT** Lube it up and stick your screwdriver all the way through then use the end as leverage to pry off the rubber ends.



Its off.

Step 4: Lube up the rod ends and insert your two screwdrivers 180 degrees apart.

For the non engineers....opposite of each other. LOL

Step 5: SECRET to removing rubber ends
Here is the secret to taking these little rubber fockers off. Once lubed and screwed as shown in picture above, spread the two screwdrivers apart slowly. The only thing that is holding the rubber end on are three rows (four columns) of rubber teeth. Just get the rubber ends off enough to pop the end off. One of my rubber ends shot across the other side of the car. Funny...should have taken a video of that and my smile.

You can see the three rows that the rubber teeth sit in.

Step 6: Install Scott's adjustable linkage rods.
Screw on both rod ends till it bottoms out into the knuckle. (pun intended)

Step 7: Reinstall linkage rods.
From here it is down hill and closer to my beer. Spray WD40 on both rubber ends and snap back in. I would also take out your 10mm wrench and adjust the cams to their maximum with both both bolts install. Don't need to remove bolts.

(Tony's instructions on Rear Lowering Easier Way)

Do only:
5) When adjusting the driver side move the leveler up to lift (clockwise) and down to lower (counter clockwise)
6) When adjusting the passengers side move the leveler up to lift (counter clockwise) and down to lower (clockwise)

Here is the completed install pic:

The rods are shorter so this will increase the lowering.

Measure both sides. I need to do the fine adjustments. I removed the top end and twisted the top end then twisted the knuckle if I needed more.

I hope you enjoyed my How-to. I asked you to give me a REPUTATION Up and one to Scott for his years of support to this community.

2007 Trailblazer SS Drk Met Bluey...its a beer running SUV
Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy............Ben Franklin

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