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Default Buying soon, build ideas, suggestions welcome.

Hey all. I joined a few weeks ago but have mostly been lurking and reading. I'm starting to formulate my plan for the eventual TBSS in my driveway, and I figured I might as well run my thoughts past you guys while I'm in a holding pattern. Help get my post count going, too.

I want to start out with an 07+ AWD 3SS. (I tend to avoid first model year of cars, my V was the exception AND justification for going back to that policy.)

Performance-wise, I'm not going to be terribly aggressive. It's going to be my DD, so I will want reliability and drivability over skinny pedal, but I do intend on some mods.

Oil pan baffle/pickup relocation, trans cooler, t-stat, and efans are the obvious first steps, right off the bat. Looking like I'll *probably* go with PCMofNC stuff, but that's tentative pending more research. I'd like to do exhaust and intake, probably Volant for the intake and looking at XS Power headers, if they're still available. I've got a great exhaust shop that will handle everything past the Y, and I'll probably run Dynomax VT series muffler, since I really like the pair I have on the V. Definitely will be upgrading the rotors and pads, potentially replacing the lines with stainless, and there's a slim possibility I'll upgrade the calipers if I can find a good fitment at a reasonable price.

In the future I will potentially do HCI/stall/upgraded trans, but for now that will be back burner.

Cosmetically I'm leaning towards gloss black powdercoated "snowflake" Sierra 22s, the dual exhaust rear valence (if I can find one, lol), lowered/leveled to 31.5 with springs replacing the bags in the back, and a few matte vinyl touches. Fender stripes, maybe, or hood stripe.

Electronics (I moonlight at a custom car audio installation/fabrication shop) will consist of replacing the entire stereo system and doing my own thing. Probably active two-way (*maybe* 3-way) fronts, a pair of subs in a custom enclosure, nothing too crazy. Remote start and alarm for sure, probably Drone mobile.

I know none of this is particularly unique, but I don't honestly care. In fact, I'm quite sure someone here has this exact truck - and I applaud his or her good taste.

So what am I missing, or not considering? Here's your chance to tell me what you did right, what you did wrong, what you would do different.

Thanks in advance.
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