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Electric Tailgate Locks


Having an electric tailgate lock for your truck is a great idea and provides an extra level of security for anyone with a pickup cover or topper.

Dynolock makes the finest electric tailgate lock on the market. If you want to secure your truck bed with an electric tailgate lock then this is what you want.

Our Electric Tailgate Lock offers you the best security option for your truck. We offer both American and Chinese-made actuators for the locks. The tailgate locks provide you with a keyless entry, which works with your existing remote, so you can lock your truck tailgate and doors at the same time. Our 100% American-made locks, with high security actuators, include a five year warranty. All Automatic Tailgate Locks made with the American high security actuators offer the best quality and security you can find. Our Automatic Tailgate Locks made with the Chinese-made actuator, are still American assembled, but only include a six month warranty and are not a secure as their American counterparts. All wires, connectors, and brackets, as well as an installation instruction manual, are included.

Electric Tailgate Lock